Many Kansas High School students take their general education requirements from EDUKAN online before going to Fort Hays State University.

Partnering with Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State UniversityIn addition to providing services to our four consortia members, we have partnered with Fort Hays State University to help students who want to get a head start on their education and take general ed courses online with EDUKAN.

The Fort Hays State University’s online degree programs are nationally ranked, fully accredited, affordable, and utilize the latest in learning technology for one of the best values in higher education today.  With over 40 degree programs, you can complete your degree that best suits your interest and skills. They also offer multiple student services including: online tutoring, academic exploration and advising, clubs and organizational involvement, library resources, and career services.

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Fort Hays State University’s Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs provide the opportunity to pursue your education goals and offer:

  • University credit courses from an accredited institution
  • A variety of degrees, certificates and courses
  • Education in a format and timeframe that fits your schedule
  • Student services specifically designed to assist students at a distance

Fort Hays State University’s Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Fort Hays State University also offers certificate programs, and once your Bachelor’s is complete you can begin a Master’s degree program.