EDUKAN Course Books


Visit the online bookstore* to see if your course(s) requires an additional textbook purchase. All required materials will be available and displayed for each course. Orders can be made with a school authorized purchase and/or traditional forms of payment. If you need your Student ID and do not know it, please visit the Student Affair’s Office. Contact us for any other questions.

*Please note: If you are a financial aid student enrolled at Pratt Community College, you must purchase your books from Pratt’s Bookstore. 

Purchasing Textbooks

When you visit our online bookstore, you will be asked to create a new login to access and pay for your books. This is a new requirement for all students, including those who have purchased books from our online store in the past.

Once you have created your account, you can select the semester you are enrolled in and view the textbook information required for your course(s). 

Once in your booklist, please click on the course title for specific textbook details. Please note, many of our course textbooks can be purchased in a traditional style book or in an electronic format (ebook).  If you purchase the textbook in an electronic format from the online bookstore, you will be sent course access information via email. 

Resource Fees

A number of our courses are have a Resource Fee in the amount of $115.00, which covers the costs of labs and additional course materials. You will find this embedded course material in the form of an ebook with your course so no textbook purchase is necessary, unless otherwise stated. You will see a disclaimer for the courses that do not require you to purchase a textbook. 

Students are NOT obligated to purchase textbook materials via the online bookstore; however, please use the information to ensure the accuracy of necessary textbook publication. 

If you are a Financial Aid recipient, please contact the Financial Aid Office regarding textbook purchase process.

Library Services

Students enrolled in EDUKAN courses through one of the six participating colleges will have student status and responsibilities at any of the six college libraries. Each of the six EDUKAN college libraries has unique resources and rules that apply to all students using that particular library. For example, some of the college libraries may ask you to sign a library patron agreement for that library and some may have late charges for overdue materials with consequences for non-payment. You are responsible for returning all library materials you borrow and you’ll be required to pay for materials you don’t return. For more details on services and policies, please contact the specific library or libraries you will ask to serve you.

Library Online Links

College Specific Memorabilia

You are encouraged to contact your selected enrollment college’s bookstore for all specific memorabilia.