Welcome to the first step in furthering your knowledge, experience and potential.


Before you get started, we’d like to share how-to prepare to apply and enroll in classes with us.

Prospective students are considered on their individual merits and must hold a high school diploma or its U.S. equivalent. To be eligible to enroll in college credit coursework from any of our institutions, you must qualify in at least one of the following categories:
  • Be a graduate of a senior high school accredited by its State Board of Education
  • Have a GED Certificate
  • Be in good standing at the college you are transferring from
  • Have junior or senior status at your high school
  • Be enrolled in a gifted program and have special permission from your principal
  • Gifted students are required to provide a copy of IEP documentation to the Registrar’s Office of their selected college. Please contact the registrar of the college that you are enrolling with to obtain a high school authorization form
When you are ready to complete the registration form you will be asked to select one of EDUKAN’s member colleges as your school of record. You will need to do this to get your course payment, finances and transcripts.

Not sure who to pick for your college of record?

In addition to providing General Education courses, we have listed some of the specialties of each of our partner schools below to help you. If you’re not taking other classes at one of our partner colleges, please use the following to select who to pick a school:
  • Pratt Community College: Agriculture, Health Sciences, Automotive Technology, Electrical Power Technology, Nursing, IT Technology, Wildlife Operations
  • Seward County Community College: Health, Humanities, Social Sciences, Math, Agriculture, Industrial Technology
  • Dodge City Community College: Agriculture Food Chain Security, Auto Mechanics, Fire Science Protection Technology, Nursing, Welding, Flight Instructor, Early ChildhoodEd, Criminal Justice, Cosmetology
  • Garden City Community College: Agriculture Technology, Computer Science, Cosmetology, Agronomy, Public Safety, Welding
  • Barton Community College: Early Childhood Ed, Healthcare, Public Safety, Agriculture and Industrial Tech

When you have completed the registration form, you will also need to contact the registrar to ensure that you meet all of the requirements for admission.

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