How do I drop a class? 

Students are responsible for any adjustments to their own schedule. Please refer to the current Academic Calendar for deadline information.

Dropping Classes

EDUKAN students may drop their classes without penalty and with a full refund (if applicable) if they drop classes by the 100% refund drop date listed on our website. You can find the semester date information here on our site under our Calendar.

If you are an EDUKAN Pending or “EDUKAN Student” you can drop your classes from your home page, if you are logged into our Course Registration System. You can go there by clicking this link or by visiting and logging into our Course Registration System from the Academics drop-down menu. 

After you’ve successfully logged in, you can select the Drop options on the page and proceed as prompted. 

Withdrawal Policy

If you wish to withdraw from any course or all courses, please review our withdrawal policy found here.

We want to hear more… 


Please feel free to contact our office if you have questions. Our toll-free number is 877-433-8526 or you can visit our website and use our online chat function.

Please this brief survey to provide feedback on your decision to help us better serve you and our future students

Keep in mind, this is a survey, please make sure you go through the proper channels listed above to complete your request to withdraw or drop a class.