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Why start your college journey online with us?

We understand the challenges international students face who want to study at an American college. Costs for travel and living expenses, time to wait for a visa, and getting accepted are just a few reasons to consider applying to an accredited institution that offers online classes, degrees or certificates.

Online degrees are also an accessible and affordable option for prospective students who may not be able to access higher education or who want to save money on their general studies courses before coming to the US to continue their education.

EDUKAN’s online college programs give you a head start from anywhere that you have access to a computer, laptop, or tablet and the Internet.

EDUKAN is an award-winning pioneer in distance education

EDUKAN was founded in the spring of 1998 by six community college presidents in Kansas who formed a partnership to offer you more class options and degree programs online through EDUKAN. Since then, we have helped thousands of students, both domestic and international, pursue their goal of earning a degree.

International Student Requirements

If you’re interested in finding out more about EDUKAN’s requirements for International Students wishing to take online classes with us, click here to find out more.

You can get started with your college education without leaving your home country and earn a US-based Associates degree with EDUKAN’s International Division and our accredited, online college consortium partners.

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EDUKAN consortium community colleges offer the first two years toward a bachelor’s or higher degree through their AS, AA, AGS and AAS degrees or fully-online certificate programs. Students may complete some or all of the degree requirements through EDUKAN. Find out more by clicking here.