Students in the Distance Learning Veterinary Technology Program gain hands-on experience by working with animals such as dogs, cats, horses, cattle, rabbits, rodents and birds in veterinary hospitals.

Traditional classroom coursework for the program is completed online. Students are not required, but have the option of visiting the campus for weekend mentorships once during the fall and spring semesters to gain exposure to species they may not have in their area.

Courses listed are for full-time students. However, there are part-time options as well. For more information about the program visit Colby’s Distance Learning Vet Tech Program page.

This program is offered through any of the following EDUKAN consortium colleges:
Students should consult their college of enrollment Registrar for colleges that are not listed.
General Education
22-26 Credit Hours
Vet-Tech Program Courses
60 Credit Hours
82 Credit Hours
Our online learning program is flexible and affordable, which allows you to learn on your schedule, making it easier to pursue higher education course work while managing your other responsibilities.

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  • Your government ID (if you aren’t a US citizen)
  • Any schools you’ve previously attended
  • EDUKAN consortium school through which you wish to enroll

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