Welcome, School Counselors

EDUKAN understands how important counselors are in helping students prepare for and find the best college options for their educational goals.

We’ve compiled the resources you need about our consortia to help make your job easier from how to enroll to marketing materials for your students to review.

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Find out more about EDUKAN

Our team is available to help your students with their goals starting with enrollment to transferring credits. We have a variety of marketing materials we can provide you with to share with students and encourage you to view our Virtual Openhouse Tour page to find answers to any questions you may have. You can request marketing materials from our marketing team via email.

Help your students get the options they are looking for to get ahead with their college education!

We believe school counselors are the most influential person in a student’s life. Knowing about the options available for your students from financial to finding the best college that “fits” is why we’re inviting you to find out more about us. 

EDUKAN was established in 1998 to help students take courses they need online. We have been recognized for our thought leadership from our technology platform to our use of embedded books and materials to biometric security for student verification.

Visit us for more info www.EDUKAN.orgPlus we don’t charge students an application fee to apply and all students around the world pay the same cost, of $150 per credit hour… which means that all students can get their Associate Degree for under $10,000 online with EDUKAN.

We believe in providing students with the support they need and offer phone or live chat support on our site to make sure their experience is a positive one.

You can get this poster for your office… 

Students can use the QR Code app on their phones to easily scan and get more info directly from us too!

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